Holy Currencies

Hello friends!

Our C&F theme for this season is the Holy Currencies, based on a book by Eric Law that talks about circulation of blessings - given and received! We are exploring these currencies in Worship this season (Oct 24 - Nov 21) as well.

When these currencies move freely and flow together - life is full, meaning is found, and spirits grow, individuals, families and churches thrive.  If any of these currencies are blocked - there is less curiosity, collaboration is harder, and scarcity brings fear. 

Each week during Spirit Academy, we'll be exploring one of the currencies. We'll be uploading what we'll be doing before each Sunday for those who are unable to attend in person!

October 24 - Wellness

I Am Peace

As we tend to our own Wellness, we are ablt to participate in the flow of the Holy Currencies more readily. Enjoy this Story book "I am Peace" .... and remember: Peace in the Heart creates Peace in the Family which creates Peace in the World!

October 31 - Time & Place

Stone Soup

Creative sharing of the Holy Currencey of Time & Place brings us into relationship with others. As we open to invite, welcome, are present and listen to the experiences and stories of those who come, we are expanding our relationships, and sharing our gift of Time & Place. As each person offers what they can, it is the sharing that creates the magic of wellness, relationship and flow in our community.

This story is about 2 hungry travellers who create a magical soup with people in a village to feed all who are hungry. The magical ingredient is the sharing of resources - and everyone offering what they can: whether that's a potato, a single corn, a carrot, ...

I wonder what was special about this story?

November 7 - Truth

The 6 Blind Men, The Elephant and the Sage

The Holy Currency of Truth is what ignites the passion behind the justice work in which we engage in order for the church to be relevant in restoring the spiritual, economical and social wellness in our communities.

This story is about 6 blind men who go feel an elephant since they've never "seen" one before. They each touch the elephant in different parts and afterwards they all have different descriptions of the elephant..

I wonder why?

November 14 - Gracious Leadership & Relationship

When We Are Kind

This is a beautiful story which celebrates simple acts of everyday kindness and encourages us to explore how we feel when we receive acts of kindness in our lives. It reminds us to be kind to ourselves and others which promotes a gracious approach to leadership and healthy relationships.

November 21 - Money

Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?

This story takes us through the ebb and flow of paying it forward. Paying in appreciation and kindness goes a long way to making this world a happier place for everyone, including ourselves. It expresses how spreading kindness can impact someone's life and that when we fill someone's bucket we our filling our OWN bucket too!