The Names of God

This month of June, our theme is the ‘Names of God’. People throughout time have used different names for God that related to their own life experiences.

Like with the Faces of Jesus, this month we'd love for you to explore different words that you might use for God. Watch the video below on In God's Name and wonder along with Carley:

"I wonder if you looked into God's mirror and saw your own reflection, what name would you call out for God?"

God's Eye Craft

God’s eyes, originally come from the Huichol Indigenous people of Central Northwest Mexico, and were created as protective and spiritual symbols that helped them connect more deeply to the natural world. 

This month, we make God's eyes to reflect and connect with God and think of the many different ways we see and think of God in our lives!

Family Activity

This month we’re creating and decorating “God-noculars” so when we forget to see God in all aspects of our lives, we can take them from our altar and use them in viewing our world, our family, our friends, and those whom we are having trouble loving in our lives.