The Promise of the Rainbow

In Genesis, the Rainbow symbolizes a promise made between God and humanity. More recently, the rainbow has been used as a symbol of pride and love.

This year at Camp Spirit, the theme “The Promise of the Rainbow” was created to talk about the symbols behind the rainbow and how they’re all a promise from God.

This August program has been inspired by Camp Spirits curriculum & it includes an activity around each theme/colour of the rainbow that is explained below… We hope you enjoy! 

What do the colours mean?

The image on the right is called the Philly Pride flag, an updated flag with added black & brown stripes to make the flag more inclusive towards People of Colour and those with disabilities.


Stand Up, Stand Up

By Miss Katie

This song was written about the racial injustices happening to the Black community - but can also be used as a general encouragement to stand up for what you know is right!

"Oh, there are so many ways to show how much you care"

TRC Heart Garden
Family Activity

The Heart Garden Project happened in 2015 to close the Truth and Reconciliation Commission process. Although the official ceremony was several years ago, I still invite you to plant a heart garden to honour and remember the children's lives lost in the residental schools. 

Spiritual Practice

Rainbow Yoga

If you remember from our April program, yoga is a fantastic way to gently move your body to take a break from the busy day and centre yourself. This Rainbow Yoga by Adriene is a great & fun 17 minute practice that follows along with our theme this month!