The Faces of Jesus

This month of May, our theme is the ‘Faces of Jesus’.

Now what exactly does that mean? Jesus has done so many things for us to help us and because of that, many different images have been used to describe him. He has been called the Good Shepherd, the Bread of Life, Living Water, the Holy One, and so many other things! Just as in the image above, there are so many different names that Jesus goes by, and that’s not even all of them!

So in this program we have put together some activities that will explore a few of these ‘faces’ of Jesus. We hope you enjoy!

Also, take a look at this Broadview article, Black Jesus Article in Broadview, to see another view of Jesus.

The Parable of the Good Shepherd

with Brendan!

The "Good Shepherd" is just one of the many many names Jesus can have.. Take a listen to this wonderful Godly Play about this story!

Bread of Life

We use bread as a symbol for the "Bread of Life" - the love, wisdom, joy and peace that feeds our hearts and makes us feel full of God. 

Eat This Bread, Drink This Cup Song