Welcome to Black History Month!

Scroll down this page for a whole month dedicated to celebrating and remembering the ways Black people have contributed to our history. This program is a chance to learn about African-Canadian/American culture and is a starting point with resources to further explore Black history!

Dear God,
In a world that could do with a lot more love
and a lot less hate, show me how to spread
your love and goodness.

African-American Dance, Stepping

Stepping is a form of dance where your body is used to create unique rhythms and sounds. Grab your family and follow along with Ryan Johnson as he teaches you how to do the African-American dance, Stepping.

For further information and the history behind this style of dance, go to Step Afrika!

Peaceful Mandalas
Spiritual Practice

Mandalas have been used as a spiritual practice for ages as a way to create a space of peace and harmony. I hope you can reflect on what you have learned about Black History Month while colouring these mandalas drawn by children all over the world!

Story - I Am Enough

Stories with Starr on YouTube

Take a listen to this beautiful story that has a great message about Black excellence!

“In the end, we are right here, to live a life of love, not fear… To help each other when it’s tough... To stay together!”

Lean on Me - Cover

By William and Little Big Shots on YouTube

Check out this amazing cover of Bill Withers' Lean On Me. This was all done remotely due to Covid-19 and just proves how we can all still be there together for each other - even when we're required to be apart.

"We all need somebody to lean on"