Growing in Kindness

You may have heard the statement or commandent in the bible that says "love your neighbour as yourself". However, in order to give your neighbour the love they deserve, you first need to give that same love to yourself!

As we affirm our goodness and find ways to care for and be kind to ourselves, it allows us to cultivate and offer kindness to others!

Be Kind To Yourself this Month! - You Deserve it!

Growing with Kindness

It’s important to be kind to others, but in order to do that, we need to be kind to ourselves first.

This craft can be used as a great visual that shows each of us that we can and are growing with kindness towards ourselves.

Family Activity Pack

All plants need 3 things to grow: water, sunshine, and soil.

Every one of us needs certain things to help our minds and hearts grow... 

Spiritual Practice
Positive Self-Affirmations

Affirmations are little sentences or words we say to ourselves that remind us of who we are and can help us feel happy and confident!

For this month's spiritual practice, you can do the "I am awesome" affirmations ...

I am Enough

Feel free to sing along to this beautiful song written by Miss Katie and learn more about how you are enough...

I am enough, you are enough, we make space for all of us!