Welcome to Holy Week!
a preparation for the journey...

Wow! It's been a whole year of Livestream Worship.
We've taken the Holy Week kit from last year and added some GREAT new videos, crafts and activities for your Spring Break and Holy Week Faith-at-Home.

Join Jesus and his disciples on the Journey... 
from the party-of-palms, to a meal and a garden,
onto the Cross all the way to the Emergence of a Butterfly!
Pray and play your way through to Easter!

Story of Holy Week

Enjoy this adorable video of two kids, Eliana and Elysia, explaining the final week of Lent, Holy Week! Here, they take us on the journey starting from Palm Sunday all the way to Easter Sunday...

Scavenger Hunt
The Journey of Holy Week

Let’s have some fun…. Go around your house to find/collect Holy Week items before Saturday March 27.

Click the link below to view our Holy Week Scavenger Hunt Engagement Ideas   ↓

Link to the Scavenger Hunt
Spiritual Practice
Lent Prayer Chain

This spiritual practice is a great activity to do with your family and create a visualization of your prayers in our journey through Lent! There's no right way of praying, but this is one idea for you to try out.

"Praise Ye The Lord Hallelujah"

Performed by Listener Kids

Wow! Such a great and fun song to sing along to during this time of Lent!

"What's that?... Way to go God!"