Seed & Soil Month
Welcome to our April Theme!

Spring has arrived. We are seeing all kinds of birth and rebirth in Nature. This month we will engage with the Seeds and Soil of Nature and of our lives.

What seeds are we planting and what kind of soil have we cultivated to create something wonderful in our lives and in the world?

May Day (May 1, 2021, 10:30am) Children & Families Get-Together on Zoom!

We'll be hanging out, singing some songs, learning how to make Thought Seeds Bloom and doing the Seed Mandalas from this month's program. Gather seeds and beans for the craft time!

Zoom Link to join in the Fun!

The Parable of the Sower

Godly Play Story

Think of these wondering questions after you watch the story:

I wonder what the sower was doing when the little seeds could not get their roots in among the stones?
I wonder what the sower was doing when the little seeds were choked by the thorns?
I wonder what the sower was doing when the little seeds were growing in the good earth?
I wonder what part surprised you the most?

Seed Mandala Craft

If you rememeber, we did mandalas in February, but for this month we thought we could add a twist to these beautiful art pieces. So grab your favourite seeds, beans, lentils, or even acorns and follow along with the tutorial to add your own creative spin on these Seed Mandalas!

Spiritual Practice

Yoga in the Outdoors

Yoga is a fantastic way to gently move your body to increase flexibility and strength. It also helps you take a break from the busy day and centre yourself. So on your own, or with your family, take some deep breath, take a step outside, and follow along with this 30 minute yoga video, you can do as little or as much as you'd like!

Spring-Sprung Gardening
A fun activity for the whole family

Welcome in the Spring season by planting some of your favorite plants, vegetables or more!
Get the whole family together and create a little garden for everyone. Seeds and summer bulbs are still abundant in the garden centers.

You might even consider starting a "Pizza" garden with a tomato plant, pepper plants or seeds, oregano, basil, parsley and chives! Use a paper egg container for seed starters, and then find a sunny place in your yard or on your deck!

"Growing With Spirit"

Performed by Mile Hi Youth Choir

Wow! Such a touching song, performed by such talented youth! Seeing them sing as well as sign in American Sign Language is so beautiful... Enjoy! 

"We're all in this soil together... Here we grow"

Song written by Sophia's friend, Barry Ebert, in Denver, CO.

"Seed in the Ground"

Performed by Connie Kaldor

Get your dance/action moves ready and follow along with this great song about planting a seed..