Food Justice for All

In October, we have World Communion on October 2. This day is about how there is room for everyone at the table and how everyone is welcomed and included. This can mean that there is room for everyone to get the proper amount of food they need.

World Food Day is on October 16 this year
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This day is about spreading awareness of world hunger and inspiring ways for world change.

We hope you enjoy this month's program on Food Justice and that you learn something new and are inspired to learn more!

There is Room for All

There truly is more than enough room for each and every one of us to have everything we need to be living healthy and happy lives. This months craft is based around God's love being spread and reaching all of us. Enjoy!

What Can We Do?
Family Activity

The topic of food justice can be an overwhelming topic to think about. We are each only one person who can only do so much to help. This month, I'd like your family to talk about and start a conversation about food justice and if possible, to look into local programs or ways you can help!