We place our hope in God.

We sing of a life beyond life
          and a future good beyond imagining:
          a new heaven and a new earth,
          the end of sorrow, pain, and tears,
          Christ’s return and life with God,
          the making new of all things.

We yearn for the coming of that future,
          even while participating in eternal life now.

                                         - From A Song of Faith

At UCoL we believe that the death of a loved one is a time to recall the miracle of life, to give thanks for the life of the deceased, and to mourn the loss. We recognize that scripture reflects many emotional responses to the reality of grief including anger, denial, guilt, lament, resignation, thanksgiving and trust. Empowered by Christ’s promise of resurrection, we stand with those who face the event of death, console the bereaved, celebrate the life of the deceased, and offer thanks to God. In all memorial services the promise of hope is proclaimed: “In life, in death, in life beyond death, God is with us.  We are not alone”.

Inquiry about Memorial Services/Celebrations of Life

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