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COVID-19 and the UCoL - NEW UPDATE!

As you are all aware, all in-person church gatherings and activities have been suspended until well into January 2021, as per the most recent Public Health Officer's orders from November and December 2020. Worship online continues, as well as activities and gatherings that take place online. If you are wondering which activities will go ahead, please be in contact with the group coordinator (contact forms can be found throughout this website). 

WEARING MASKS is now MANDATORY in our church buildings when you are with other people. If you need to come to church, make sure you arrange your visit in advance, and you have your mask ready.

All who continue to use our space during these extraordinary restrictions (several community groups), will strictly abide by the UCoL Covid-19 Safety Plan (found at the bottom of this page)

We continue to work on creative ways to connect and engage as a church community while protecting the health and well-being of all of us: our congregants, our staff, our community partners/user groups.

We continue to limit visits to the building and in-person meetings with staff to the essential ones only.

Please call or email the church office if you have any inquiries or concerns, or to arrange an appointment.